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Anise Drops

These light and airy cookies have a lot of history behind them. Aniseed, a spice native to the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East has had many uses over the years. It has been known to have medicinal value. In fact it was used as far back as 1500 BC in Ancient Egypt to aid in digestion. In other instances Anise was used as a form of currency. In biblical times the spice was often used to pay taxes. Along with conventional uses some believe in more the more superstitious values of the spice. The aromatic seeds are said to ward off evil spirits as well as enhance one’s ability to love.

Of all the uses of the plant the best one derives from the Roman Empire. Romans would bake anise flavored spice cakes to enjoy after a big meal. These treats were said to settle your stomach and your nerves. As the tradition spread through the legions, recipes evolved across the Empire. Our recipe is one that has been passed down many generations to create a sweet aromatic cookie. Try some this holiday season and relax as they did in the old world.

*Half pound per bag

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