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The Times they are a changing in Huntington

2017 is the beginning of the 30th year Reinwald's Bakery is in Huntington!

As I walk in downtown Huntington, there are very few businesses, besides us, that have been continuously operated in the same location with the same owners. A friend said to me "what about Finnegan's or Marsh's?"  Both of those changed hands a few years ago. Of course there is nothing wrong with that - they still are a part of what makes Huntington special. My point is as an old-timer once said to me "the only thing that doesn't change is change itself".

Besides Main Street, we have noticed a change in the demographic make-up of Huntington. I was 35 years old when we came here. Most of my neighbors were close to my age or much older.  When the older neighbors  moved away, it was still my age group that moved in, albeit they were now in their 40's. The neighbors pretty much stayed the same for many years. Starting about 5 years back, it seemed that everyone coming into the neighborhood was in the 35 year range. Hmmmm - just like when I moved in.

How does this relate to the bakery? Our sweet spot customer has traditionally been between 45-75.  Someone that was 50 when we came here is now 80. Many of our customers have moved away or perhaps have health concerns that limit their visits. Thankfully, we have seen then same shift on our customer base as I mentioned in the housing market.

You couple that shift with the many new housing units that have come on the market over the past several years, and we have had a seismic shift in our customers' needs. This shift is evident on the streets, in our churches, restaurants and organizations. Check it out the next time you are about.  I think you will see I am right.

Reinwald's Bakery welcomes all these new Huntington residents. Over 400 people have joined our Sweet Treats program since Christmas. I am excited to be serving so many new visitors. We can tell they are new to our bakery from somewhere else because they very often ask for a product we make, but use a different name: probably from their previous bakery. Someone asked if we make a Lu Lu cream. When I asked what it  was, they perfectly described our fresh custard. This is only one of many examples.

Let us all together embrace these new Huntingtonites. They will help contribute to Huntington's vibrancy.  They will be our volunteers, and supporters of our organizations and churches.

I also have a request for our new neighbors. Learn about your new town. What attracted you to us?  What will you do to protect those qualities? Join some local organization. Participate in town activities. Be sure to visit some of our many points of interest. Take advantage of our beaches and parks. Instead of "point and click", take a stroll down Main Street, and I hope you visit our bakery.

Enjoy your days,

Rich Reinwald
Reinwald's Bakery

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