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Sweets & Sunsets, Perfect Together!

Key West, Florida is considered the southernmost point of the United States. I have visited there several times for both business and pleasure. Each time the hotel staff urges you to visit Mallory Square for the sunset. You will have an unobstructed view of the sun falling into the horizon. Also, Mallory Square is host to a nightly parade of characters supposedly celebrating the change from day to night.
Over the past few weeks I have had occasion to drive through Cold Spring Harbor around 8:15pm. This included the summer solstice. The first time I had to slow down by the Harbor Mist as many people were crossing the street to Billy Joel Park. Their purpose: to view and photograph the magnificent sunset. I stopped and joined the crowd, disappointed that I didn’t have a camera, but glad to view it not looking through a lens. As the sun met the horizon rays of gold radiated towards the heavens and finally a pinkish purple hue on the line of clouds as it disappeared. Carole and I have stopped several times since and are constantly amazed by this beautiful scene of nature right here in our backyard. Key West holds nothing on us!
What a great introduction to the summer season. Get outside and enjoy all parts of the day. Huntington has a lot to offer in way of recreation and simple enjoyment of Mother Nature. Visit a sunset on any of our Western facing shores and you won’t be disappointed. Afterward sit outside in the backyard and enjoy a small treat from the bakery with an iced tea or coffee. A simple day like that renews my spirit and fills me with gratitude for my place in the world.
Enjoy your days and your sunsets.

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