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I want to talk to you about blueberries...

I was at a golf dinner just before Memorial Day. When one of the fellas at our table found out I owned Reinwald’s Bakery he said, “I want to talk to you about blueberries.” He had previously been involved with a large food company and they were always concerned about their blueberry muffins, He asked what we used. I replied, It’s complicated. It depends on the application and possible trade offs. For example let’s look at Blueberry Muffins. The best taste inside a muffin is wild blueberries. However, they are tiny, tiny and bleed into the mix making it blue without much visible berries. When you use cultivated blueberries they are larger and you see them in the finished product; but you don’t get quite as many and the flavor not as vibrant. At the bakery we use a mixture of both. This fella said to me, “It seems you know your blueberries. We spent a bit of time and research to come up with the same answer.”

Now that it is June, the time has come for fresh Blueberries. You can’t beat that. I wrote in the past about my childhood visit to the blueberry lady and reading it stirs my memory as if it was yesterday. “I remember as a youth we couldn’t wait for a shopping trip to Riverhead in June. Such a trip meant passing the old lady’s farm stand in Calverton and getting some just picked blueberries. If she wasn’t busy and her mood just right, she would invite us in the back to her bushes to pick our own. I can still feel the bright sun on my shoulders, not as hot as in July, and the blueberries almost warm to the touch. The plump ones didn’t make it to the basket, but burst into your mouth, the warm juice running through your teeth.”

To celebrate this year’s fresh blueberries we will be featuring a fresh blueberry tart; a cookie shell with fresh pastry cream and blueberries. For a larger group we have a blueberry mousse adorned with fresh blueberries. Blueberry lovers will be happy.

In June we also celebrate Father’s Day and graduations. Check out our website, www.reinwaldsbakery.com for some celebration cake ideas. Please remember Dad, perhaps with a caramel brownie cake.

I hope you all enjoy the next few weeks leading up to Independence Day!

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