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Back to School? Um... Not So Fast!

Watching a little television or listening to the radio, the mediums are full of back to school advertisements.  In that vein, it was my intention to make this issue back to school related.  Our college aged counter help is coming up on their last week here. However, with the daytime temperatures in the 90’s and humidity likewise, it sure doesn’t feel like school days and autumn are around the corner.  Similar to the 60’s in December, it just doesn’t feel right.

The temperature and the humidity create great challenges to the baking process.  It is hard to control the rising dough and also to make cake batters.  Last but not least, the bakers are struggling to perform.  We are all looking forward to a break in the weather.

Instead of thinking of school days, we are in a daze trying to stay functioning.  Cookies, cupcakes and other school time treats are giving way to refreshing items such as fresh fruit tarts, fruit mousses and even ice cream cakes.  Many people say to me that they didn’t know we make ice cream cakes.  Of course we do.  What we do different is we let you bring in your own ice cream and we put in in a cake for you.  The reason?-  I found out everyone has a favorite brand (I  must admit I do too) and favorite flavor.  Of course I could not stock all that, so we get it from the customers. We can put your ice cream in between vanilla or choc cake, and put fresh whipped cream on top. Then it is off to our cake decorators to work their magic- then to a blast freezer set at -35 degrees.  Even in this heat it should make it home without a problem.  

The Reinwald favorite hot weather treats include: German cheesecake, fresh peach cake or apricot crunch cake.  Dessert shouldn’t bog  you down in the hot weather and I feel these three should treat you well.
One of the aforementioned ads I saw was for raisins to put in with lunches.  That ad inspired me to make some treats using raisins as a sugar to limit the fat profile. Our first sweet treat is a chewy chocolate drop cookie that has a nice chocolately taste but stay soft and chewy because of the ground raisins. It has about 30% less sugar than a normal cookie. The second item is an oatmeal applesauce bar.  The oatmeal tends to up the fiber and the applesauce and ground raisins act as a sugaring agent that allows us to reduce the fats.

We have finally been able to get local peaches (I even call New Jersey local). We’ve combined the fresh peaches with our pudding cake ring. This can be wrapped with saran to put in a lunch box.
The other day I bought chicken salad with cranberries and walnuts. I put it on a piece of our sour dough bread. Then I got to thinking why not put the cranberries and my nut preference, pecans, right in the bread. It makes an interesting sandwich.  I even liked it with my liverwurst.
Even though it is hot, the calendar keeps turning and we have to prepare for school.  The bakery has you covered for both. Stay cool today and prepare for back to school.
Enjoy your days.

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