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A Kaleidoscope Of Colors, Tastes & Smells... It Must Be Autumn!

Carole Reinwald and grandaughterIt is November and finally there is some Autumn-like crispness to our evenings. I like fall because of the kaleidoscope of colors on my trip home, the ability to take a strenuous walk without sweating, the World Series and particularly this year, a visit from our new granddaughter. I know I am biased but isn’t she a cutie. Who would know that I would be making silly faces and even sillier noises just for the hope of a smile. Carole’s feelings are extremely evident in the above picture. There is only one downer in this whole grandparent experience: she is all the way on the west coast. We are counting the days to Christmas when my son’s family comes for their next visit.

I like fall in the bakery because of the many aromas wafting throughout the building. The smell of pumpkin pie or gingerbread coming out of the oven drives me crazy. The combination of fruit, spices and butter near perfection on our Christmas stollen. I am prepared to gain five pounds on stollen alone. I usually have my stollen with a cup of hot tea. Our Reinwald’s Bakery mug is made just for this. The mug feels good in your hand, easy to hold and drink from, holds a copious amount of your favorite drink and keeps it hot without burning your hand. As a bonus, it is great looking and each individually made right here in Minnesota. Each one is date stamped USA. Check out this link for how they are made. We just got in the 2016 version and it makes a great gift for anyone.

November also ushers in the holiday season. The bakery will be abuzz making pies and cookies for Thanksgiving and beyond. My favorite pie to bake and smell is pumpkin, but my favorite to eat is by and far the coconut custard. Our coconut custard is richer than most because we use heavy cream and more eggs. Silky smooth and really great with Irish Coffee. Please place your Thanksgiving orders by Saturday, November 19.

People often ask why we have a deadline if we make everything fresh. The simple answer is the Boy Scout motto, “Be Prepared”. We have a very tight schedule, because we make everything fresh, and if we are tossed too many curve balls, the whole system would come crashing down.

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