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A Tale of Two Sundays

Last Sunday we went to dinner with a couple that are friends through Carole's orchestra. Yes, I knew it was the Sunday of the big game. I do like to watch the game but we were trying to get together since before the holidays. So, Sunday was the day.Well, I DVR'd the game and it was great because, no matter how much they try to convince you otherwise, I don't like watching the endless commercials. Come to think of it, I am not a big fan of the elongated halftime either. We were at a normally very popular restaurant but that night we were a table of four and there was a table of two on the other end. That was it! We had a very nice dinner, good conversation in a relaxed atmosphere and the staff, while always attentive, took especially good care of us.

Fast forward to this Sunday, Feb. 14th, Valentine's Day. The restaurant most assuredly will be packed, probably have a limited menu, and the staff a little over run. I get it. I do. No one wants to have their Valentine  to slave in the kitchen. But with the hustle and bustle of the restaurant, what kind of mood are you setting for what is supposed to be a romantic evening. Truly a tale of two Sundays.

I would like to propose a possible compromising alternative. Get an early start to your evening. Visit your favorite restaurant before they get crazy busy and then head home for dessert and just you and your Valentine. Reinwald's Bakery can provide the mood setting dessert; so what if there will be a couple of plates in the sink in the morning. Enjoy your dessert together, take a deep breath and perhaps just hold each other. I leave the rest up to you. You certainly can't imagine that out in a noisy restaurant!

Even if you are a Denver fan, You'll make this Sunday better than last. The bakery is open until 5 pm on Sunday. Please enjoy your day, hope for no snow and keep warm with your Valentine.

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