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What Scares Me The Most...

As we begin the New Year, the newspapers are full of stories tracking the stock market's momentous plunge.  If it isn't about the stock market, it is about the presidential caucus in Iowa and if not that, the lead content of Flint, Michigan's water supply.  All very scary and upsetting stories.  However, the story that scared me the most was an article in the Wall Street Journal on 1/6/16 about the Kodak campus in Rochester.  You see, since it's bankruptcy, Kodak is no longer using all of the Kodak campus.   "The story of how Kodak went South is the stuff of business school case studies, but it (Kodak) didn't weather the rise of digital photography well - despite having invented the technology" said Keach Hagely.
Kodak, 20 years ago was still an earth shaking company. How tenuous is success despite the many talents of their employees. This scares me.  On a smaller scale, how can Reinwald's Bakery stay relevant to the Huntington community. Competition is greater than any time in our years here.  McDonald's in a press release says they hope their new breakfast menu will be an alternative to neighborhood bakeries.  The media has lavished much column space to the opening of Stew Leonard's on Long Island. It seems bakery goods are ubiquitous offerings.

Carole and I would like to thank all of you for considering us .  For our part, we will continue to work hard to provide fresh, wholesome breads, pastries and cakes made right here in Huntington.  We will continue to search for new ingredients, new products and new services to make your meals more enjoyable.  With your help and patronage, we can hope to be part of the Huntington community for many years to come. 

Happy New Year and please enjoy your days!

Rich Reinwald

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