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Autumn Returns

One of our store staff just came back and asked me when are we going to start making Candy Apples? I replied, "as soon as autumn begins." Well autumn already begins next week. Oops!
One of the things I have always loved about Long Island is that we have a true four seasons. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case this year. Labor Day week featured a five day heat wave of high temperatures and high humidity. The last thing my mind was on was the change of seasons. But time marches on and the fresh fruits of summer such as peaches and blueberries are done. The fresh plum cakes that are a family favorite usually extend to the end of the month. Appropriately one of our Sweet Treat Specials featured this month will be the fresh plum cake, definitely worth a try.
The fresh tomatoes and sweet corn are also coming to an end. To take advantage of the last Long Island corn we have included a corn chowder recipe in the newsletter. It can be a robust meal on a chilly evening. Prepare it ahead and just heat it up for a quick meal after soccer practice or after school activities. I add a touch of Mchillheny Tabasco to spice it up a bit.
I am looking forward to the cool evenings of this time of year and the many fall festivities in the Huntington area. One of my favorites is the Evening of Wine Under the Stars this Friday at the Kissam House on Park Ave. It always proves to be an enjoyable event and Reinwald's Bakery is providing the dessert. Hope to see you there.

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