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And Let's Go Mets!

The Mets are in the playoffs? I am very excited and hopeful for meaningful October Baseball. A few days ago I heard something about everyone rooting for the winning team and derogatory remarks for the fair weather fans. As you can see in the side picture, my 3 boys, youngest now 30, all dressed in full Mets attire. Long suffering yes, but no fair weather fans are we. Let's Go Mets!
Last weekend Carole and I were out in Seattle visiting my son and his fiancée. We spent a few nice days with them and her parents. I think both sets of parents would like to know the wedding date, but one has not been provided. None the less it was a great visit with beautiful weather and a surprise whale siting.
The trip was made even more fun because we used rewards points instead of dollars to book our flights. We have done a little renovation work on our house and put everything on our airline card and voila we had enough points for roundtrip tickets. I have to tell you that felt good.
I bring this up because as many of you know Reinwald's Bakery has a rewards card program. We call it our Sweet Treat Rewards Program. Every time a Sweet Treats member makes a purchase they earn points towards a $10 discount. You should see the smile on people's faces when they hear they have earned their $10 would you like to deduct it from today's purchase? The last time I listened in I heard, "Your new total is $1.49." That can bring a smile to anyone's face. The best part is that it is easy and free to sign up. Our computer keeps track of your points, no punch cards, no receipts, no mail in forms to fill in. We have over 5,000 members from Huntington and beyond. If you aren't among them we invite you to come in and join. New members mention this newsletter and we will start you off with 20 points towards your first reward.
While in Seattle we visited a few vegetarian style restaurants. We had breakfast at one called Snapdragon on a island in the Puget Sound. I had poached eggs over a cheddar thyme corn biscuit with a broiled tomato. It was really delicious. That breakfast was the inspiration for our Parsley, Bacon, Cheddar and Thyme scones that are one of our October Specials. We were at a vegetarian restaurant, but I figured if the Cheddar Scones were good, Bacon Cheddar Scones have to be better. Early reports say they are. Serve with poached eggs or over easy style on top and you will have a quick, savory breakfast or brunch.
For dessert the one restaurant was featuring an apple cobbler made with Washington apples. Their words, "Washington apples are simply the best." Well New York has had apple orchards since before Washington apples were a gleam in Johnny Appleseed's eye. Taking them to task we are featuring an apple cobbler made with NY apples and covered with Reinwald's Bakery proprietary oatmeal crunch. Bring the vanilla ice cream and I will be coming over.
Before I decided to make the bacon scones, I used our Cracked Wheat Bread toast for my poached eggs at home. That was good too. It also makes for great peanut butter sandwiches.  The Cracked Wheat Bread is one of our specials for October.
Finally we have an individual sized Pumpkin Cheese Cake. I figured try it out at this great price and you may want to substitute a Pumpkin Cheese Cake for the more traditional Pumpkin Pie this Thanksgiving. Just a thought.
On Sunday the 18th the Huntington Historical Society is having their annual Apple Festival. Reinwald's Bakery will be providing some apple and fall specialties for patrons. It will be a fun afternoon. Hope to see you there.
Enjoy your October Days
Rich Reinwald
P.S. The Reinwald's Bakery Mug 2015 styles are due in October 30th. Visit Deneen Pottery to see how they are made.

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