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What Are You Thankful For?

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, we face some disturbing news from around the globe. How do we celebrate a generally joyous holiday amongst the turmoil ? How do we put it in perspective ?

My mother-in-law was always worried about the cold war and the possibility of nuclear annihilation.  Proving that the apple does not fall far from the tree, Carole worries about the middle east, China, cyber attacks, global warming and even the Mayan calendar scare. She is afraid of a tsunami destroying Seattle.  An event such as the terrorist actions in Paris happens, and it seems to intensify her worries.

Not to minimize the tragic seriousness of any of the world's events, but I have to repeat what my Dad would say. These events, as tragic as they are, are out of my control. To magnify my focus on them would create an unhealthy situation. Focus on people, places and things around you that you can influence in a beneficial way. If you lose yourself in a sea of worry, you are cheating yourself.

This Thanksgiving, take stock. Look around you, friends, family and community. Carole and I would include our customers and employees. Have my actions been a positive?   Have we used our blessings in a beneficial way?
As I reflect on this, I am thankful for all those that have touched my life. Those that have been willing to share their blessings with me and others.
On a very singular and personal level, that is what Thanksgiving is about.
How good would it be if we could project that on a national and global level.
Carole and I hope all will be able to find some personal blessings to celebrate and perhaps give thanks to a higher order.
Happy Thanksgiving,
Rich Reinwald

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