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A Visit from Christmas Past

In the last newsletter, I wrote about how I felt like Ebeneezer Scrooge.  Not to carry the analogy too far, but I just had a visit from Christmas past.

Carole and I were trimming our tree when she asked if we had any Christmas music to play.  The new house doesn't have any stereo capabilities as of yet so I searched for German Christmas music on my laptop.  What came up was "Silent Night" as played on the zither.  It brought tears to my eyes and a flood of memories.  Pictured above is my father playing his  zither.  You can also see pffernusse and a ginger bread house in the background.

Every Christmas Eve, Dad would play Christmas carols but the one that had the most empathy was "Silent Night."  We would all sing along. What a fond memory.  I began to think of other past Christmas'. Of how the kids would be outside our room asking each other if they could wake us.  You see, we were usually burnt out from work Christmas week and told them they could not get us until 8am.  At 6:30-7:00 they would be thumping up and down the stairs over and over again exclaiming to each other "Santa was here!" "There is a big box for you, Chris!" "Is it 8 yet?" "Mommy said we could look in our stocking."  "Is it 8 yet?"  Like we could sleep through that, but what fun.

Those memories lighten my soul and make me look forward to creating new memories from Christmas futures that will take a place in my heart. 

I wish that all of you can find some joy from your past and hope from the future.  Please have a Happy and Joyful Christmas and New Years Holiday.

Rich Reinwald

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Bob Gnam
Bob Gnam

February 11, 2016

You also brought me back to my past as a child in my apt in Ridgewood.I was born of German parents and could not speak English until I was six and in school.I like you was crying and really missed those days.Children today do not know what Christmas really means.As a child in my family we gave gifts on St Nicholas Day in the beginning of December.
Please keep up your tradition with all your special cookies which I missed until I found your bakery.Your stolen are better than what my mother made.Years ago in Ridgewood there were many bakeries that made all those holiday specials but now I believe you are the only one left in New York.
I recently had dinner at Village Lantern in Lindenhurst and met a couple there that were entertaining,Bud and Linda,and found out that Linda sang with me in the Brooklyn Boys And Girls Choir also known as The Brooklyn Knaben Und Machen Chor.
Did you know the Mueller family who owned a butcher business in Huntington.They move out here also from Ridgewood and were verg good friends of mine.
Take care for now and keep up the good work.

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