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It's Food... You need it!

When I was growing up, the bakery was a necessary stop for the homemaker. Even in the Lord’s prayer there is mention of “our daily bread”. Bread, rolls, pies, buns and doughnuts were a necessity. You had to eat and you had to go to the bakery. Our small neighborhood bakery had the lines out the door to prove it.

How things have seemed to change. Sugar is demonized, carbs are bad for you and gluten needs to be expunged from the face of the earth. Eggs are no good for you. Oh.. eggs are good for you. Butter is no good for you. Oh…. Butter is good for you. Coffee is no good for you. Oh… coffee helps prevent cancer. We can go on and on. It seems to me that in all the theories on food, they miss one major point. The key to a healthy diet is moderation and portion size. My son, Christopher just came back from France and he was amazed at how few obese people there were in Paris, especially with their enjoyment of foods. We all know the French love of butter, wine and bread. This is “The French paradox” I think that this seemingly “unhealthy” diet is not unhealthy because the French integrate their romance with food into the daily regimen. Dinner is an occasion, a daily celebration of life, not just a means to fuel the body. “Of course, the small portions in French restaurants is legendary” In the U.S., we have allowed the scientists to break our food down into nutrients and then build a meal from a nutritional base up. And if that doesn’t measure up, take some pills from the vitamin store certified by U.S.B. or B.U.L.L. or whatever. The French cringe and laugh as the U.S. population gets fatter and fatter. Eat real food, eat in moderation and romance your food.

This is what we do at the bakery. Nothing pleases us more than pulling the perfect loaf of bread out of the oven or making that delicious jelly doughnut. We love doing it so much we do it every day, all year round. The staff is proud when a product they make sells out. Carole and I are honored that our cakes wind up in the center of your table.

Perhaps the more things have changed, the more they have stayed the same. We still need food to eat. What may need to change is our perspective. Enjoy what you eat. Create a celebration of life and most important, share that with the ones you love.

Please enjoy your days.

Rich Reinwald

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April 06, 2016

Caught off guard and moved when reading your sentiment. Well said. God Bless

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