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Reinwal'd Bakery, Huntington, NY

Reinwald's Bakery is the result of one family's passion for baking.

For 4 generations we have been creating the freshest breads, pastries and desserts on Long lsland —and it is a responsibility we take very seriously. You can taste commitment to our craft in every bite! From your daily bread to special occasion cakes, we enjoy making every day memorable. Located in the Heart of Huntington, NY about 1/4 mile south of main street, Reinwald's has been a part of the local community for over 24 years. Visit us in person, or through our web site and see the wide variety of excitement we offer your taste buds!

What makes us Unique?

People often ask, “Why should I make a special trip to your bakery when they sell breads, cookies and cakes in almost every store that I walk into?” The simple answer is freshness, freshness, freshness.

Everything is mixed, baked and decorated right here in Huntington. Freshness is bread baked within hours of serving it. No bread is sold the second day. Freshness is cakes made of all natural ingredients, without the need for a long list of preservatives. Freshness is 100% pure dairy fresh whipped cream without the need for extenders. Freshness allows you to keep a cake in your home for extra days. Customers reap the benefits, not the store. Reinwald’s commitment to freshness means that area soup kitchens get all of the day-old bread, rolls and breakfast pastries. It means the bakers in the back are there to meet your special needs.

 Always appreciative and ever-protective of all the things that make Huntington a special place to live, Reinwald’s dedication to the community is evident in the daily efforts of the entire staff and the company philosophy. Our professional bakers, designers and sales staff relish the opportunity to work with many local organizations and enjoy seeing the happy smiles of satisfied customers--be it from a cupcake, birthday cake or wedding cake.

Baker's Banter

What's Changed since 1951? Thanksgiving then and now.

November 15, 2016

In my November newsletter, as is my habit, I always end up with upcoming events. For Nov. 8th, I reminded everyone that it would be election day and you should exercise your right to vote. One of my employees had not voted in over 12 years. My encouragement worked as he cast a ballot after my entreaty to vote. I commented that the new president elect, whoever it may be deserves our support. At that time it was widely believed that Hillary Clinton would be the victor. The fact that Donald Trump won, doesn’t change my call for unilateral support. I understand that some people may feel wronged, but...

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A Kaleidoscope Of Colors, Tastes & Smells... It Must Be Autumn!

November 05, 2016

It is November and finally there is some Autumn-like crispness to our evenings. I like fall because of the kaleidoscope of colors on my trip home, the ability to take a strenuous walk without sweating, the World Series and particularly this year, a visit from our new granddaughter. I know I am biased but isn’t she a cutie. Who would know that I would be making silly faces and even sillier noises just for the hope of a smile. Carole’s feelings are extremely evident in the above picture. There is only one downer in this whole grandparent experience: she is all the way on the west coast. We are counting the days to Christmas when my son’s family comes for their next visit.

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Back to School? Um... Not So Fast!

August 19, 2016

Watching a little television or listening to the radio, the mediums are full of back to school advertisements.  In that vein, it was my intention to make this issue back to school related.  Our college aged counter help is coming up on their last week here. However, with the daytime temperatures in the 90’s and humidity likewise, it sure doesn’t feel like school days and autumn are around the corner.  Similar to the 60’s in December, it just doesn’t feel right.

The temperature and the humidity create great challenges to the baking process.  It is hard to control the...

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