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Reinwal'd Bakery, Huntington, NY

Reinwald's Bakery is the result of one family's passion for baking.

For 4 generations we have been creating the freshest breads, pastries and desserts on Long lsland —and it is a responsibility we take very seriously. You can taste commitment to our craft in every bite! From your daily bread to special occasion cakes, we enjoy making every day memorable. Located in the Heart of Huntington, NY about 1/4 mile south of main street, Reinwald's has been a part of the local community for over 24 years. Visit us in person, or through our web site and see the wide variety of excitement we offer your taste buds!

What makes us Unique?

People often ask, “Why should I make a special trip to your bakery when they sell breads, cookies and cakes in almost every store that I walk into?” The simple answer is freshness, freshness, freshness.

Everything is mixed, baked and decorated right here in Huntington. Freshness is bread baked within hours of serving it. No bread is sold the second day. Freshness is cakes made of all natural ingredients, without the need for a long list of preservatives. Freshness is 100% pure dairy fresh whipped cream without the need for extenders. Freshness allows you to keep a cake in your home for extra days. Customers reap the benefits, not the store. Reinwald’s commitment to freshness means that area soup kitchens get all of the day-old bread, rolls and breakfast pastries. It means the bakers in the back are there to meet your special needs.

 Always appreciative and ever-protective of all the things that make Huntington a special place to live, Reinwald’s dedication to the community is evident in the daily efforts of the entire staff and the company philosophy. Our professional bakers, designers and sales staff relish the opportunity to work with many local organizations and enjoy seeing the happy smiles of satisfied customers--be it from a cupcake, birthday cake or wedding cake.

Baker's Banter

The Times they are a changing in Huntington

April 04, 2017

2017 is the beginning of the 30th year Reinwald's Bakery is in Huntington!

As I walk in downtown Huntington, there are very few businesses, besides us, that have been continuously operated in the same location with the same owners. A friend said to me "what about Finnegan's or Marsh's?"  Both of those changed hands a few years ago. Of course there is nothing wrong with that - they still are a part of what makes Huntington special. My point is as an old-timer once said to me "the only thing that doesn't change is change itself".

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A Raucous Tradition...

March 07, 2017

March 1st is also Ash Wednesday, the start of the Christian Lenten season. People around the world are familiar with the celebrations of the oncoming lent. It is Mardis Gras in New Orleans: Carnival in many places including Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil and Cologne, Germany. In the Bavarian region of Germany, where my father comes from, it is called Fasching. Fat Tuesday is referred to as Fasching Dienstag.

These events started out as deeply rooted celebrations of the coming of spring. As Christianity spread, many Lenten rituals were performed for the preparation of Easter. It seems that...

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Life isn't a bowl of cherries 🍒 but it could be!

February 03, 2017

January is the slowest month of the year in the bakery business.  I took advantage of some extra time and unpacked a few more boxes that were left "untouched" in the move.  Of course as I unpacked a box of books, I leafed through some to determine it’s placement on my book shelf.

One book was a compilation of bakery recipes that had appeared in previous issues of a weekly baking magazine published in New York and Chicago.  The book was published in 1945. In reading some of the accompanying articles, I was amazed with...

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